Welder Qualification Services

Welder ServicesWelder services to include qualifications and bend testing are performed by DNDT’s Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) to determine that welding procedures and welders are qualified in accordance within applicable codes and standards (WPS/PQR).

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are essential to any project. Dunlop NDT understands the importance of certified and skilled welders to your budget and the successful completion of your project. Our welder qualification services examine and document a welder’s ability to create welds of acceptable quality while following a defined welding procedure.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, years of experience, and extensive knowledge of welding and related codes our welder services division can provide:

  • Welder Coupon Testing
  • Prequalified Welding Procedures (WPS)
  • Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
  • Welder Qualifications
    • 1–4G, 1–5F, 5–6G, 6GR & Decking
  • Guided Bend Testing
  • Charpy V-notch Testing (CVN)
  • Reduced Section Tension Test
  • All-Weld-Metal Tension Test
  • Macroetch for Weld Size

Welder Qualification Governing Bodies

Welding qualification standards are defined by several governing bodies in the USA including:

  • ASME – American Society of Mechanical engineers
  • AWS – American Welding Society
  • API – American Petroleum Institute