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Client: ATC Group Services


Location: Houston, TX


Services Provided: Bolting Inspections | Long-Term Field Structural Steel Inspections | CWI Inspection Services | Magnetic Particle Inspections | Field Weld Inspections | Decking Inspections | Ultrasonic Inspections | Fabrication Shop Inspections


The Houston Campus project was one of the largest commercial construction projects in the nation. With a total project value of $4 billion dollars, construction consisted of 14 office buildings, as well as a welcome center, laboratory, employee wellness center, child care facility, significant dining and retail space and a central computing facility all interconnected by a sophisticated underground tunnel system and powered by a state-ofthe-art Central Utility Plant. The campus is located on 385 acres accommodating approximately 10,000 employees. Completion date for this project was April 2016.

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